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Drain Maintenance

Drainage works may be completed as maintenance if an existing drainage report can be used. The following works may be covered under maintenance:

  • Brushing of banks
  • Bottom cleanout
  • Culvert repairs/replacement
  • Bank erosion control
  • Catch basin cleanout and repairs
  • Tile repairs and flushing

Municipal Drain Funding

Repairs on municipal drains are paid for by the property owners who are assessed on the applicable drainage report. Costs are billed to the property owner(s) after the repair has been completed.

  • Amounts over $500.00 are invoiced to property owners with the option to finance over a period of time
  • Amounts under $500.00 are collected on the tax roll

The Agricultural Drainage Infrastructure Program (ADIP) is run by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) which offers a one third agricultural grant to eligible farmland properties to help with the cost of drainage maintenance and capital projects. For more information about these programs please visit the OMAFRA website (link below).

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