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Municipal Election Information

2018 Election - Information for Voters

Nomination Papers Certified by Clerk to Date:

 Blackmore Vance E. Mayor
1850 Coltsfoot Drive, Newbury, ON, N0L 1Z0  Phone: 519-693-4515
 Mayhew   Allan Mayor 
148 Ewen Avenue, Glencoe, ON, N0L 1M0
Phone: 519-287-2080 or 519-872-2730
 WilkinsMarigay Deputy Mayor 
22053 Hagerty Road, Wardsville  ON  N0L 2N0
Phone: 519-693-4224
 Cowell   Christa Ward 1 Councillor 
       23680 Thames Road, Appin, ON, N0L 1A0
Phone:  519-282-8624
 Jeffery   Dan Ward 1 Councillor 22711 Thames Road,
Appin  ON, N0L 1A0
Phone:  519-636-7641
CarruthersIan Ward 2 Councillor 3667 Concession Drive, Glencoe  ON  N0L 1M0
Phone:  519-854-4540(Cell) or 519-287-3533 (Home)
 Cowell   Rick Ward 2 Councillor 
 213 Main Street, Apt. 2, Glencoe ON N0L 1M0
Phone:  519-872-3741
Bartlett  Doug Ward 2 Councillor 213 King Street
Glencoe  ON  N0L1M0
Phone: 519-287-3903
 Campbell Rob Trustee - English Public (TVDSB)    3902 Dundas St. E., Unit 10, London ON
N5V 5C6
Phone: 519-268-1050
 MorellArlene  Trustee - English Public (TVDSB) 87 Moffatt Lane, Strathroy ON N7G 3Z8
Phone:  519-619-4524
 LeMac George Trustee - French Separate (Conseil scolaire catholique Providence 
 Phone:  519-660-6104
MorinPhilippe Trustee - French Separate (Conseil scolaire catholique Providence 40 Leland Place, London, ON, N6K 1S6
Phone:  519-851-9601
Trudel  Denis Trustee - French Public (Conseil scolaire ViamondeLondon, ON
Phone: 519-494-1789


Who Can Vote

You are entitled to vote in Southwest Middlesex if you meet the following qualifications (unless prohibited by the Municipal Election Act or any other Act):
  • you are a Canadian citizen;
  • you are at least 18 years old;
  • you reside in the local municipality or are owner or tenant of land in the local municipality, or the spouse of such person;
  • and you are not prohiblted from voting under any law.

The Voter's List

The Municipal Property Assessment Corporation ( (MPAC) maintains the Voter's List for all Ontario municipalities.  MPAC works to maintain the Voters' List and makes revisions based on information they receive about owner or occupant information for properties located within Southwest Middlesex.
Before each municipal election MPAC provides us with a preliminary Voter's List based on information obtained through its enumeration list.  The list is available to the voters at the municipal office where voters can ensure that their information is complete and accurate.
Anyone on the preliminary Voters' List will receive a Voter Information Notice mailed by Southwest Middlesex well in advance of the election.

Adding or Removing Occupants from Your Property is your Responsibility and can be Easily Completed and is Most Effective if Completed At the Earliest Opportunity

If you answer yes to any of the following questions you may need to update occupancy status and/or school board support information for your property:

  • Did you move from a home you owned to a rental property?
  • Have your adult children permanently left home?
  • Do you have new tenants? is now available and it is easy to use.  This is a simple way to add or remove property occupants and to update school board support information.  To log in, all you need is your property address or assessment roll number and your full name and date of birth.

    Notifying MPAC of occupancy changes will help to make our 2018 Voter's List more accurate which will save you time and make voting a smooth and easy process.

You may also contact MPAC through their Customer Contact Centre as follows:

London Ontario Assessment Office
Westmount Shopping Centre
Upper Level, Unit 252
785 Wonderland Road South
London  ON  N6K 1M6

You may call them at 1-866-296-6722, use the online contact form, or live chat option through their website (

Please have your 19-digit roll number available.  Your roll number can be found on your Property Assessment Notice or municipal tax bill.

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