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2015 March 25 Committee of Adjustment Minutes




In attendance were Chair Vance Blackmore, members Karen Aranha, Rick Cowell, John Kavelaars, John Kendall, Don McCallum, Martin Vink and Marigay Wilkins and Secretary Janneke Newitt.


There were no disclosures of pecuniary interest.


Consent Application B-2/2015 – Thames Road, Appin - Estate of William Carruthers  

Marjory Zavitz attended the meeting to represent the application.  Also present were Harold
Zavitz, Clare and Donna McLachlin.  Chair Blackmore outlined the protocol to be followed during the consideration of the application.  In the absence of the planning consultant, the Chair gave a brief synopsis of the consultant’s March 20, 2015 planning report.  The Secretary reported that correspondence had been received from the Lower Thames Valley Conservation Authority and Middlesex County advising of no objections to the application. A question was raised to confirm that there was access to the dwelling to the south of the subject lands.

#15-001 C/A
M. Wilkins / J. Kavelaars                                                      
That consent application B-2/2015 from William Carruthers Estate be granted, subject to the following conditions:
  • That the lands being conveyed are merged in the same name and title as the lands to which they are being added.
  • That the lands being retained are merged in the same name and title as the lands to which they are being added.
  • That Section 50(3) of the Planning Act, R.S.O., 1990, as amended, shall apply to any future transactions or conveyances on the subject lands.
  • That the taxes on the subject property are paid in full.
  • That the applicant’s solicitor submits an Acknowledgement and Direction duly signed by the applicant.
  • That the applicant’s solicitor submits an undertaking in a form satisfactory to the Secretary-Treasurer to register an electronic transfer of title consistent with the Acknowledgement and Direction and the decision of the Committee of Adjustment.
  • That a preliminary survey showing the lands being retained and conveyed be submitted to the satisfaction of the Municipality.
  • That two copies of the reference plan are submitted to the satisfaction of the Municipality 
for the following reasons:
  • Consistency with the Provincial Policy Statement would be maintained.
  • Conformity with the County of Middlesex Official Plan would be maintained.
  • Conformity with the Southwest Middlesex Official Plan would be maintained.
  • The requirements of the Zoning By-law are capable of being satisfied.
  • The requirements of the Planning Act are satisfied.

Chair Blackmore outlined the next steps in the consent process.


Committee Minutes – November 26, 2014

#15-002 C/A
M. Vink / R. Cowell                                                              
That the November 26, 2014 Committee of Adjustment minutes be approved as circulated.                               Carried


No business was brought forth from the November 26, 2014 Committee minutes.


Chair Blackmore declared the Committee of Adjustment meeting closed.
___________________________   ____________________________
Chair                                         Secretary
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