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2015 December 7 Council Minutes


DECEMBER 7, 2015


Mayor Blackmore called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m. announcing that he had called the special meeting to discuss strategic planning.

In attendance were Mayor Vance Blackmore, Deputy Marigay Wilkins and Councillors Karen Aranha, Rick Cowell and John Kendall.  Councillors John Kavelaars, Don McCallum and Martin Vink were absent with notice.

Staff members in attendance were Administrator/Clerk Janneke Newitt, Treasurer Kristen McGill, Public Works Manager Jaime Francisco and Facilities and Recreation Manager Steve MacDonald.

Administrator/Clerk Janneke Newitt acted as Chair for the meeting, reminding those present that Council had approved “population retention and attraction” as the long-term strategic planning goal for the Municipality. She read excerpts from an October 2015 Municipal World article that included certain necessary steps to be taken in order to create an achievable strategic plan.
  • Councillor Aranha made a short Power Point presentation outlining a sample strategic plan. 
  • Mayor Blackmore read a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) of the Municipality that he had prepared. Councillor Kendall read excerpts from a discussion paper that he had written for the meeting.
  • Members decided that one of the first priorities in developing a strategic plan was to set a measurable target for the long-term goal.  It was agreed that the target would be the addition of 320 new homes in the Municipality over the next sixteen years.
  • Specific action plans were brought forth, considered and “slotted” into time lines that represented the next four terms of Council.  It was noted that time lines to accomplish action plans would be flexible and that some action plans would carry over from one council term to the next.  
  • The Administrator/Clerk was asked to gather the action plans and discussion points into a workable draft strategic plan for Council to approve at a later date.
There was a one-hour lunch recess at noon.  Mayor Blackmore adjourned the meeting at 3:00


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