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2015 December 9 Minutes


DECEMBER 9, 2015


Mayor Blackmore called the meeting to order at 1:30 p.m.

In attendance were Mayor Vance Blackmore, Deputy Mayor Marigay Wilkins and Councillors Karen Aranha, Rick Cowell, John Kavelaars, Don McCallum and Martin Vink.

Councillor John Kendall was absent with notice.

Staff members in attendance were Administrator/Clerk Janneke Newitt, Treasurer Kristen McGill, Public Works Manager Jaime Francisco and Facilities and Recreation Manager Steve MacDonald.


M. Wilkins / K. Aranha                                                           
That recommendations #2 and #3 in staff report 9(B)(1) be moved to closed session.                                         Carried

J. Kavelaars / R. Cowell                                                         
That the agenda be approved as amended.                                


No disclosures of pecuniary interest were declared.


Council Minutes – November 18, 2015      

R. Cowell / K. Aranha                                                              
That the November 18, 2015 meeting minutes of Southwest Middlesex Council be approved as circulated.

Council Minutes – November 25, 2015      

M. Wilkins / K. Aranha                                                            
That the November 25, 2015 meeting minutes of Southwest Middlesex Council be approved as circulated.       Carried


No business was brought forward from the November 18, 2015 or November 25, 2015 council minutes.


No vouchers were presented for approval.


Middlesex Business Matters Magazine – 2016 Advertising

K. Aranha / R. Cowell                                                                     
That Southwest Middlesex place ads in the 2016 Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter Middlesex Business Matters Magazine at a cost of $263.50 with the discount applied.                                                                    



Communities in Bloom Support

M. Vink / D. McCallum                                                            
That a decision on recommendations 1, 4, 5 and 6 be deferred until after the closed session.

The report was considered again after closed session.
R. Cowell / J. Kavelaars                                                          
That the Municipality of Southwest Middlesex supports the Community in Bloom (CiB) program by:
1. Placing a line item amount of $5,000.00 within the economic development budget for 2016 for Southwest
Middlesex Communities in Bloom activities with further discussion to take place during the 2016 Municipal budget deliberations if necessary.
2.  Providing a council member liaison who would attend meetings on a volunteer basis (usually 9 or 10 one-hour meetings per year) to strengthen the voice of the municipality.
3.  Offering knowledgeable staff support for minimal administrative needs of the committee including recording
minutes/attendance at meetings, various administration and/or financial support activities.
4.  Developing an action plan, where the municipality can, to address the specific suggestions made by the Communities in Bloom judges to improve Southwest Middlesex.
5.  Continue together to encourage all groups (residential and business) to participate in maintaining an active and vibrant Communities in Bloom committee.
6. That a review of the above commitments takes place at the end of 2016.

A recorded vote was requested.
D. McCallum       no
M. Vink              yes
M. Wilkins          yes
K. Aranha           yes
V. Blackmore    yes
R. Cowell            yes
J. Kavelaars        yes  


Fire Recovery Costs

M. Wilkins / K. Aranha                                                           
That the fire recovery cost policy approved in 2005 be replaced with the following:
1.  Owner(s) is defined as any owner of a vehicle involved in a vehicle accident within Southwest Middlesex and who does not reside within Southwest Middlesex and who does not own property within Southwest Middlesex but does not include Southwest Middlesex  council members, employees (including full-time, part-time or casual) and volunteer fire fighters who are using personal vehicles in the performance of their duties.
2.The above exemptions shall be recorded in the appropriate human resource manuals for the municipality.
3.  Southwest Middlesex shall invoice the owner(s) of vehicles involved in accidents where the local fire department has been dispatched to the accident site.
4.  The invoicing rate per fire department response vehicle shall be established in the Southwest
Middlesex fees and service charges by-law.
5.  This policy shall come into effect retroactively to January 1, 2015 with all invoices issued to date adjusted accordingly.

SMAK Renovation Request for Ekfrid Community Centre

R. Cowell / J. Kavelaars                                                         
That council direct staff to advise SMAK that they can proceed to obtain written reports and drawings from a structural engineer and a mechanical engineer (at SMAK’s expense) for the specified renovations they would like to do in the E.C.C. basement.  Said reports are to come back to council for review and a decision on how to proceed from that point.            

S.M.A.K.Kitchen Payback

J. Kavelaars / M. Vink                                                            
That the S.M.A.K. Kitchen Payback report be received for information.

Municipal Carpet Replacement Bids – verbal report

J. Kavelaars / R. Cowell                                                                 
That the municipal office carpet be replaced with carpet squares during the holiday season to avoid as much day-to-day interruption as possible, with the cost to be included in the 2016 budget.                                     Carried

J. Kavelaars / R. Cowell                                                          
That the Municipal Carpet Replacement tender be awarded to Hamstra Carpet One in the amount of $14,600.00 + HST = $16,498.00.          

Public Works

Glen Reycraft Drain Tenders

R. Cowell / D. McCallum                                                         
That the tender be awarded to GeoRack Canada Inc. in the amount of $8,595.13 excluding HST with the work to begin in July, 2016 (after the County portion has been completed).                                            

Bateman Drain Tenders

M. Wilkins / R. Cowell                                                            
That the tender be awarded to Robinson Farm Drainage in the amount of $187,398.00 excluding HST subject to all appeals being dealt with prior to the start date of August, 2016.                                                    

Request for an Engineer Report under Section 4 of The Drainage Act (Middlesex County Road Authority request)

D. McCallum / J. Kavelaars                                                    
That council accept the Petition for Drainage Works and appoint Spriet Engineering under Section 4 of the Drainage Act to examine the area (Lot 2, Longwoods Road- former Ekfrid) and produce a report to council.     Carried

Request for an Engineer Report under Section 78 of The Drainage Act

D. McCallum / M. Vink                                                          
That council accepts the Petition for Drainage Works for the Haggerty No. 1 Municipal Drain and appoint Dobbin Engineering under Section 78 of the Drainage Act to examine the area and produce a report to council.  

McLean Wolfe Drain – Request to Abandon

M. Wilkins / D. McCallum                                                        
That council proceed with the process of abandonment of the upper portion of the McLean Wolfe Drain under Section 84(1) of the Drainage Act;
That the drain be abandoned in the property roll number 39-06-000-040-09701(part lot 7&8, R1N) immediately to the north of the property line of roll number 36-06-000-040-09600;
That notification be sent to all affected landowners as per Section 84(1) of the Drainage Act.                             Carried

Ensil Irwin Tendering Process

J. Kavelaars / M. Vink                                                          
That, due to the fact that all works will take place on one landowner’s property and all works will be paid for by these same owners, the requirements of the competitive process for the Ensil Irwin Drain tender
be waived under the authority of section 7 of Procedural By-law No. 2013/044; and
That the competitive process will be replaced by the Negotiated Method with a contractor of the landowner’s choosing.                                      

Public Works Monthly Activity Report – November, 2015

R. Cowell / M. Vink                                                                
That staff proceeds to file a final application for grant under the OCIF Intake 2 program for the replacement of Irish Drive bridge #B201.              

M. Wilkins / J. Kavelaars                                                        
That the Public Works Manager’s activity report for the month of November be received for information.           Carried


No Committee reports were brought forth.


2015 Sidewalk Replacement Program

J. Kavelaars / D. McCallum                                                     
That the 2015 Sidewalk Replacement Program – Summary report from December 2, 2015 Meeting be received for information.              


R. Cowell / J. Kavelaars                                                          
That the following by-laws be given first and second readings:
  • By-law No. 2015/104 to confirm the proceedings of the council of the Municipality of Southwest Middlesex (December 2, 2015)
  • By-law No. 2015/105 to set fees for fire recovery costs through the Fire Department in the Municipality of Southwest Middlesex              

M. Wilkins / K. Aranha                                                                    
That the following by-laws be read a third and final time:
  • By-law No. 2015/104 to confirm the proceedings of the council of the Municipality of Southwest Middlesex (December 2, 2015)
  • By-law No. 2015/105 to set fees for fire recovery costs through the Fire Department in the Municipality of Southwest Middlesex              


J. Kavelaars / K. Aranha                                                        
That the Information Correspondence be received and filed.          


Mayor Blackmore reported that the resurfacing of Main Street in Glencoe by the County of Middlesex is scheduled for 2027 but that could be changed if municipal underground utility work is required prior to that date.

CLOSED SESSION (Committee of the Whole)

K. Aranha / M. Wilkins                                                           
That, as of 3:15p.m., the next portion of the meeting be closed to the public as permitted by Section 239
of the Municipal Act S.O. 2001, c.25, to discuss labour relations (administrative job descriptions).                   Carried

Coming out of the closed session at 3:58 p.m., the Deputy Mayor advised that there was nothing to report from the closed session.  

M. Wilkins / R. Cowell                                                             
That the Deputy Mayor’s report from closed session be received.      


Mayor Blackmore adjourned the meeting at 3:59 p.m.


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