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2018 Municipal Election News 


Facilities and Recreation



SWM Landfill News 

Garbage Collection

Change in garbage collection for some Southwest Middlesex Residents.

Middlesex County Launches 2017 Invest in Middlesex Video Series


MIDDLESEX COUNTY - Vacant Unit Rebate Stakeholder & Public Input Survey
Middlesex County and its local area municipalities are seeking
public input in regards to the potential elimination of a property tax rebate
program for vacant commercial and industrial properties. Input received via
this survey will contribute to the information available within the final
decision making process
Online Survey Link:

Hosta Capital of Canada - opens Monday, May 14, 2018

Let's have some fun and make Southwest Middlesex the Hosta Capital of Canada! Entries due by June 27, 2018. Entrants must be residents of Southwest Middlesex.
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