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COVID-19 (2019 Novel Coronavirus) Information

Please find the most up-to-date information concerning the virus on our new COVID19 News Support Information (Coronavirus) page set up specifically for news about the virus. 

JULY 14, 2020 - UPDATE: Fire Ban

For the safety of all residents of Southwest Middlesex, the fire ban announced July 7, 2020 will continue through the local wheat harvest. Only small recreational fires that are burning clean wood within a two (2) foot diameter screened fire pit are allowed. During the pandemic, if you have a non-emergency concern about a fire please call 1-844-220-1300. Thank you for your cooperation. 

Introduction to the Elm Child Care Construction Project


News Release - June 29, 2020
Service Line Protection Available for Municipality of Southwest Middlesex Homeowners


SWM What's New (the official newsletter of the Municipality of Southwest Middlesex)

We are pleased to announce that, on a trial basis starting with the January 8th council meeting, Southwest Middlesex will be releasing an electronic newsletter summarizing important decisions made by council at their most recent meeting - full details of council decisions can be found in the official minutes of the meeting.  Current council meeting dates are shown below and will be activated as information is available.

 January 8, 2020 Meeting Newsletter  January 22, 2020 Meeting Newsletter
 February 12, 2020 Meeting Newsletter  February 26, 2020 Meeting Newsletter
 March 4, 2020 Meeting Newsletter  March 25, 2020 Meeting - postponed
 April 8, 2020 Meeting Newsletter  April 22, 2020 Meeting Newsletter
 May 13, 2020 Meeting Newsletter   May 27, 2020 Meeting Newsletter
 June 10, 2020 Meeting Newsletter  June 24, 2020 Meeting Newsletter   
 July 8, 2020 Meeting Newsletter  


Building Services Joint Building Committee Agreement

The Municipality of Southwest Middlesex along with the Township of Adelaide-Metcalfe and the Municipality of North Middlesex are extremely pleased to report that an agreement has been reached concerning shared Building Services. Please see the press release for more details here

Donations and Grants

Recently the Southwest Middlesex Council adopted a new process to consider requests for donations/grants. Any request for funds, staff support, or exemption from the current Fees & Services By-law are considered a donation and will require the organization to submit an application by November 30th. This application must be completed each year that you wish to be considered for a donation/grant. Any questions can be directed to Kristen McGill, Treasurer at  The following links pertain to the newly adopted process as approved by Southwest Middlesex Council.


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