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SWM Headlines

Press Release on August 21, 2019
Municipality of Southwest Middlesex Council and Senior Staff Attend AMO
Glencoe, Ontario

Starting August 6th, SWM has procured Waste Management to collect waste and recyclables. A separate truck may be collecting waste and recycling.  If items are not collected by the end of the day, call Waste Management direct at 519-882-4288 x232.

To ensure items are collected on your service day, remember to:

  • Place waste and recycling out for collection by 7am.  The time of collection may change 
          through the day.
  •  Bag tags must be placed on all waste in clear bags.
  •  Place waste and recycling on the side of the road indicated here.
  • Only approved recycling will be collected.  Ensure items are free of liquids and food
          residue.  No plastic bags are accepted.  List of acceptable recyclables are

EMTERRA - Curbside Collection - July 31/August 1/August 2

SWM has been advised by Emterra they anticipate delays for the remainder of the week. They have ensured that all material will be cleared.
If your material is not collected on your scheduled day - it should be cleared the day following.
If SWM receives further updates, they will be posted!

IMPORTANT Notice of Project (Melbourne Standpipe)

from June 10 to August 16, 2019

TICKS, protect, remove, submit to the Middlesex-London Health Unit

MOSQUITOES, reduce & repel, Middlesex-London Health Unit


Commonwealth Dog Park 

The CommonWealth Dog Park of Southwest Middlesex, located at 139 McRae Street in Glencoe, will be permanently closed as of April 1, 2019.  This closure was deemed necessary
due to findings from an Environmental Site Assessment (ESA).  

We are seeking input from the community on new potential locations.  Please submit any ideas via e-mail to  Information will be following asap providing a map or a listing of municipally owned lands which may be worthy of consideration. Should you have any questions on this matter please feel free to contact the Facilities &
Recreation Manager at the above e-mail address or by phoning 519-287-2015 ext. 112.
Details on the findings from the ESA can be found by clicking on the following link (with the Technical Memo from EXP Services being found on pages 3 through 10):

EXP Services Dog Park Report

How to Help Yourself During an Extended Power Outage Brochure

Fire Services

Southwest Middlesex has been kept informed by Strathroy-Caradoc about resignations of firefighters from the Melbourne Fire Station.  The fire station in Melbourne provides initial response protection to a number of residences in the municipality of Southwest Middlesex under a fire protection agreement between the two municipalities.

While there is currently no operational reason to question the reliability of the fire service in Melbourne, to allay any concerns of residents and businesses in the Melbourne community, including the SWM fire protection area, there is a two station response for any emergency scene.  As per the normal practice, an alarm for a structure fire will dispatch the volunteer firefighters from the Glencoe Fire Station.

Should there be any concerns, please contact SWM Fire Chief Bob Hansen @ 519-494-1166 for more information. 


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