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Property Maintenance

Keeping your property tidy is an important part of maintaining the appearance and integrity of Southwest Middlesex.In 2013 the municipality established the Yard Maintenance By-law which holds property owners responsible for the upkeep of their properties.


The Southwest Middlesex Yard Maintenance By-law is a great tool for determining what is expected of you as a property owner.

Generally for health and safety reasons the owner's obligations are to:

  • Keep all grass and weeds exceeding 18 centimetres (6 inches) cut;
  • Keep all garbage (including household and industrial) properly stored in containers preferably out of sight and where animals cannot attempt to get into containers;
  • Keep disallowed accumulations of water (30 centimeters or more) drained;
  • Draining of storm water must not inconvenience neighbouring uses including sidewalks and streets;
  • Never bring domestic waste and/or industrial waste and/or refuse on private and/or municipal land without lawful written authority;
  • Licensed vehicles need to be properly stored as well.

Complaints must be submitted in writing.

Please complete the form in its entirety in order to file a complaint, make a request or to give Southwest Middlesex a pat on the back for things you like. Please include as much detail as possible to ensure that your commendation gets to the proper person and so that any concern can be investigated properly and accurately.
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