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Municipal Election Information

Telephone and Internet Voting

For the second time, Southwest Middlesex is pleased to offer telephone and internet voting for the 2018 municipal election through Intellivote Systems Inc. (ISI). 

About Intellivote

ISI is a technological company based in Nova Scotia that is recognized as the Canadian eVoting leader in internet and telephone voting.  ISI started supporting elections in 2006 and has a consistently growing customer base. 
The internet and telephone options are designed for ease of use.  Step by step instructions will be mailed to all eligible voters before the voting period begins and the Voter Helpline will be available to answer any questions that you may have concerning the voting process.  ISI is fully AODA (Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act) compliant.

Intelivote Security Statement

"The Intelivote system's security ensures that every voter's voting experience is both secret and secure.  Similar to the paper voting experience the electronic voting process disassociates the voter's identity from the cast ballot when it is "deposited" into the system.  The system takes the encrypted ballot information from the voters PC or phone vote and creates a voter receipt similar to the ballot receipt detached from a paper ballot when it is marked and returned to the voting official in the paper voting example.  The encrypted ballot is randomly inserted into the "electronic ballot box" severing the relationship between the voter and the ballot and the receipt is the mechanism that ensures the ballot was successfully recorded in the system.  This combination of processes coupled with the security of the system results in the trusted and secure status of the system." - Dean Smith

Ways to Vote

In addition to using your own computers, mobile phones or landlines, people may also use the computers at the Middlesex County libraries during their regular hours. 

If you would appreciate assistance with internet voting please come to the Municipal Office where we can help walk you through the process.  An alternative option would be to vote by phone if you do not wish to vote by internet.  The telephone voting option is very straightforward, and with the mailed step-by-step instructions, voters will be able to navigate the steps with ease.  As ISI is AODA Compliant, your adaptive devices will work with this software. 
Any of the above options can be accessed from the comfort of your home, when you are away from home or when you are at your workplace.

How To Videos

How to vote by Telephone (provided by Intelivote) - video
How to vote by Internet (provided by Intelivote) - video

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