SWM What's New - December 15, 2021

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For further details on items discussed, please view the agenda

Budget Meeting 

An afternoon budget meeting was held to discuss the 2022 Operating Budget.  Council was able to reduce the draft budget to a 3.8% 2022 tax rate increase.  Council has requested one additional meeting to determine if any additional reductions can be realized for 2022.  The next meeting is scheduled for January 12, 2022.

Regular Meeting

Integrity Commissioner John Mascarin presented his findings on Code of Conduct Complaint 2021-01.  Mr. Mascarin reported that a contravention of Part 19, Section 10.2 of the Municipal Code of Conduct - the details of the report are available through the December 15, 2021 regular council meeting agenda found on the agenda and minutes page.  Following the presentation of Mr. Mascarin, council made the decision to reprimand the councillor and suspend pay for a period of 30 days pursuant to subsection 223.4(5) of the Municipal Act, 2001.

Planning Matters

  • The property known as Arrowwood Farm located at 6460 Riverside Drive was approved to submit a Minor Variance application to adjust a recently received zoning approval which will allow for additional attributes and enhancements to their original expansion plans.
  • Subdivision Agreement for Glen Meadows at the north end of Glencoe was approved by council.
  • Site Plan Agreement for Kemptopia Developments Inc was approved by council to allow for the development of the lands known as 282 Main Street, Glencoe

Council received the following staff reports:

  • Building Report - November 2021


  • Arena Renovations Project, ICIP Community, culture & Recreation Stream, Rehabilitation & Renovation Intake
    • Council was updated on the status of the proposed arena renovations project which was applied for through a 2019 federal and provincial government grant program known as ICIP.  The original application included major update work required at the arena as well as at the Glencoe Curling Club who signed on as a partner for the project.  The application was accepted and approved as applied for in 2021.  The original application included the following work:
      • replace refrigerated concrete floor in the arena and the curling club
      • replace/upgrade other components of arena's mechanical and refrigeration system that are at or near the end of their life cycle
      • renovate arena in various ways to meet/exceed AODA requirements
      • replace/upgrade other components at the end of their life cycle at the arena including electrical panel,  condenser fan & soft starters, compressors, change from water-based to glycol-cooled compressor heads, upgrade ammonia chiller to plate frame unit, upgrade ammonia detection and ventilation system, upgrade hot water system
      • improve arena accessibility with new washroom, two new dressing rooms, sound system, cafeteria counter, railing
    • The project as described above was included in the original application and prices were sourced from the private market.  
    • The next step in the process was securing engineering services and council approved Cornerstone Architectural as the successful company.  Cornerstone conducted a review of both the curling club and the arena to determine the scope moving forward and provided updated market estimates for the work.  These numbers came back surprisingly much higher amounts.
    • Original market estimates came in as a total of $2,706,385 broken down as follows:
      • curling club - engineering  $44,000
      • curling club - floor replacement  $197,450
      • arena - engineering/architectural  $104,500
      • arena - floor replacement  $950,000
      • arena - infrastructure  $375,000
      • arena - accessibility  $789,400
      • contingency  $246,035
    • The total cost was to be split as follows:
      • Federal government 40%  $1,082,554
      • Provincial government 33%  $902,038.12
      • Recipient 26.7%   $721,792.88
    • Market estimates provided by Cornerstone came in as follows:
      • Curling Club $416,799 (HST incl.)
      •  Arena $4,415,879.43 (HST incl.) 
    • At this point the Glencoe Curling Club/Glencoe Ag Society made the hard decision not to proceed with the replacement of the floor and Southwest Middlesex chose to remove Glycol as the main refrigerant for the floor replacement at the arena.  Additional needs/legislative requirements at the arena were also included in the updated project scope.  All of the changes to the scope of the approved project necessitated notification of the changes with the Ministry of Infrastructure who approved the project.  We are currently awaiting the response from the Provincial and Federal government on our updated application.
    • Additions to the project scope include:
      • installation of new fire/sprinkler system
      • installation of new emergency lighting system
      • complete building electrical upgrade including a new feeder system
      • installation of new flooring skate tile
      • concession conversion to vending machines
      • new HVAC and dehumidification systems for complete building
      • interior and exterior cosmetic improvements
    • Prices are being obtained from a third party for the additions and a complete set of drawings is being prepared by Cornerstone and will be shared with council as soon as they are available.
    • Once we receive permission to proceed with the project scope changes from the provincial and federal governments, the project will be tendered with the results coming back to council for approval to move forward.
    • The construction schedule is set to start March 15, 2021 and is to be completed on September 1, 2022.


  • Bridges and Culvert Inspections - Project Management
    • Project management of the 2022 Bridges and Culvert priority projects will be undertaken by Spriet Associates who will prepare designs for the priority projects, undertake the tendering of these projects and will report back to council the results of the tendering  process.

Drainage Matters

Council approved the following drainage matters to proceed through the process as set out through the Drainage Act

  • Section 78 Improvement - Wiley Drain - McCahon Branch 2 Reconstruction
  • Section 78 Improvement - McCahon - Nemeth Drain
  • Section 78 Improvement - Stocking Drain
  • Section 4 Petition - R2N Lot 18 & R1N Pt Lot 18 to incorporate an existing drain for legal outlet

General Business of Council

  • December 8, 2021 Budget Meeting Minutes
  • Glencoe Animal Shelter 2021 Report

Action Correspondence

  • Council supported a resolution passed by St. Catherines concerning a National Childcare Program

Adopted By-laws to:

  • establish a subdivision agreement with 2730646 Ontario Ltd.
  • establish an official site plan agreement with Kemptopia Developments Inc.
  • Confirm the proceedings of the December 15, 2021 council meeting