SWM What's New - April 13, 2022

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For further details on items discussed, please view the agenda or watch the council meeting on our YouTube channel.

Emergency Management Plan Update

Take a look at our updated Emergency Management Plan!  The last update to the plan was made in 2020.  The Emergency Plan is adopted by by-law and is a requirement for all Ontario municipalities.  The plan provides your community with an emergency management program, emergency coordinator, program committee and plan for the protection of public safety, health, the environment, the critical infrastructure and property, and to promote economic stability and a disaster-resilient community overall.  The updated plan provides an easy more understandable Emergency Response Plan for everyone.  See the full plan on our website under the By-law page.

Shiloh Line Road Reconstruction

The following clause is part of the agreement between Brooke-Alvinston and Southwest Middlesex:

"No new construction work on roads as defined (over $2500), shall be commenced or charged by one Municipality against the other unless such construction work has
been first approved by the councils of both Municipalities."

Southwest Middlesex was sent an invoice from Brooke-Alvinston for work on the boundary road, Shiloh Line, in January of 2022 in the amount of $47,245.64. Staff requested further information about the project cost, as the boundary road rehabilitation cost was not separated from Brooke-Alvinston’s larger project on Shiloh Line between Forest Road and the Peak of Mosa Road.  Brooke-Alvinston was reminded of the above clause plus staff shared that while the project has been noted as a potential capital budget for two years for SWM, there were no estimates provided and therefore no amounts approved for the project in the SWM 2022 capital budget discussions.

At the council meeting, it was decided that the invoice for the Shiloh Line work received from Brooke-Alvinston, could not be paid in 2022 based on the fact that Southwest Middlesex was not aware of the work proceeding nor the potential cost.  Following clarification on the amount being charged, Southwest Middlesex agree to include the amount in the 2023 budget discussions.

2022 Dust Control Tenders

Get ready!  Dust Control application will be coming soon and will take approximately 40 days to accomplish.  Council approved the tender of Den-Mar Brines for the supply and application of a minimum of 18% Dust Control Brine Solution at $0.759/litre at their council meeting.  The application includes complete coverage of the road which not only reduces dust complaints but also improves the gravel road standard throughout the Municipality.

Dust control really has two purposes:
1. Reduces the amount of dust on gravel roads.
2. Acts as a binding agent to making the road more durable for the summer and winter periods.

There is additional good news as this year we anticipate a slight surplus as shown below:

2022 Budget $320,000  
Total Proposed Expenditure $254,265 .0759 per litre
Tax $2735.90 1.076%
Total Expenditure $257,000  
Projected Surplus $63,000  

ATV/ORV Use for Recreational Purposes

Council listened to a presentation by Kelsey McConnell requesting use of roads for ATV/ORV vehicles.  Following the presentation, Council considered a staff report on the matter.  Council were reminded of the following recommendation made by council on March 10, 2021.

"THAT Council approves the ORV By Law as presented, prohibiting the use of ORV’s on Local roads for Recreational Purposes.
AND That Staff be directed to meet with the local ORV Club(s) and affected agencies.
AND to report back to council on these discussions on the formation of a local club that would permit the controlled use of local roads for Recreational purposes utilizing ORV’s."

Staff reported that they met with the local people interested in forming a club for controlled use and have determined that there is no longer interest in the formation of club locally.

Council decided to confirm status quo of the existing ORV/ATV By Law (2021/017), prohibiting the use of ORV’s on Local roads for Recreational Purposes due to the following factors:

Enforcement - A large part of any program like this is proper enforcement, which includes the Ontario Provincial Police.  While pursuing this plan it was determined that our current By Law Enforcement Officers do not have the power of a Peace Officer for this purpose in enforcing the Highway Traffic & Off Roads Vehicle Acts which led to staff meeting with the OPP to determine their thoughts on opening of local roads for ATV/ORV Recreational use.  The opinion from the OPP is that it would be very difficult for them to provide a high standard of enforcement, for the reasons listed below.

  • Increase in workload.
  • 800 km of roadway.
  • Their experience is that operators of dirt bikes and ATV/ORV units do not pull over for OPP.
  • They have a policy of not pursuing units like these.

Insurance - This activity would include a greater risk for injury and claims against the Municipality.

Drainage Matters:

  • Moore-Gough Drain - Spriet Associates have been appointed to prepare a Section 78 report to reconstruct the Moore-Gough drain
  • McGregor Drain - The Section 4(1) request was accepted for the McGregor extension downstream
  • Gardiner Drain - Council declined to appoint an engineer under Section 78 as the requested works for drainage works downstream of the Gardiner Drain are, according to the drainage superintendent, appropriate as a Section 4 petition under the Drainage Act

Bute/Montrose Full Servicing

Council directed staff to meet with the landowners on Bute & Montrose Streets to discuss water and sewer connections of their properties with staff to report the results of those conversations back to council for further direction.

A total of four properties on Bute and Montrose streets are currently on Municipal water but operate using septic tanks and leaching beds.  With the upcoming Lochlin Glenn subdivision development project there is an opportunity to connect the lots to the Municipal sanitary collection system.  All planning documents ensure that dwellings are not erected or used unless such dwelling is connected to water supply and sewer supply.  This is also supported by the Municipality's sewer by-law.  
The cost to connect these properties is in the range of $75,000 - this cost would be divided amongst the four properties if council opts to proceed in the future.  Financing options for the services would be discussed as well with the property owners.

General Business of Council:

  • Council Minutes - March 23, 2022
  • SWM Vouchers
  • 2021 Council Remuneration Report
  • Drainage Activities Update Report
  • Building Report

New Business:

Council has requested staff to bring a report to them concerning electric vehicle charging stations for Southwest Middlesex.

Adopted By-laws to:

  • By-law No. 2021/095 (third reading) - a by-law to amend Zoning By-law No. 2011/065 (Vibrent Farms Ltd. - 20601 Melbourne Road)
  • By-law No. 2022/029 - a by-law to authorize the execution of a Community Improvement Plan program grant agreement between the Corporation of the Municipality of Southwest Middlesex and KLM Holdings (221 Main Street)
  • By-law No. 2022/030 - a by-law to authorize the execution of a Community Improvement Plan program grant agreement between the Corporation of the Municipality of Southwest Middlesex and Jeff and Sonya Knipfel (222 Main Street)
  • By-law No. 2022/032 - a by-law to authorize the execution of a Community Improvement Plan program grant agreement between the Corporation of the Municipality of Southwest Middlesex and Angela M. Wood of Pizza Picasso (245 Main Street)
  • By-law No. 2022/033 - a by-law to amend the Emergency Management By-law (2020/086)
  • By-law No. 2022/034 - a by-law to confirm the proceedings of Council on April 13, 2022