SWM What's New - March 23, 2022

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For further details on items discussed, please view the agenda or watch the council meeting on our YouTube channel.

Planning Applications

678 Longwoods Road - Consent B2-20222

Application for Consent B2-2022, submitted under Section 53 of the Planning Act, which severs a 13.73 ha (34.09 ac) parcel of land from the property legally described as Range 1 North, South Part Lot 26, Municipality of Southwest Middlesex (Mosa), and establish a permanent easement over the parcel proposed to be severed in favour of the parcel proposed to be retained for access to a private water well was granted subject to conditions.

21016 & 21023 Dundonald Road - Consent B3-2022 and Zoning By-law Amendment P4-2021

An application for consent of the lands known as 21016 & 21023 Dundonald Road submitted under Section 53 of the Planning Act, proposing to sever a 0.46 ha (1.15 ac) parcel of land from the property legally described as Range 4, South Part Lot 1 & 2, Municipality of Southwest Middlesex (Mosa) were considered and granted with conditions.  The related application for Zoning By-law Amendment which proposes to rezone the severed parcel created through Consent Application B3-2022 from ‘General Agricultural (A1) Zone’ to ‘Rural Residential (RR) Zone’ and the retained parcel from ‘General Agricultural (A1) Zone’ to the ‘Site Specific Agricultural (A2-2) Zone’ was also granted in principal.

Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA) - Distribution System Report 2021

The summary report for the Southwest Middlesex Distribution System was published in accordance with Schedule 22 of Ontario’s Drinking Water Systems Regulation for the reporting period of January 1st, 2021 to December 31st, 2021. The Southwest Middlesex Distribution System (Waterworks number 260005502) is categorized as a Large Municipal Residential Drinking Water System.

The Southwest Middlesex Distribution System was operated and maintained in such a manner, and with such facilities that water supplied to the consumers serviced by the system satisfied most of the requirements in the system Municipal Drinking Water Licence 038-101 and Drinking Water Works Permit 038-201, with some exceptions.  There were no Ministry of the Environment Conservation and Parks (MECP) Provincial Officer's Orders for this reporting period.

Interesting statistics included in this report for 2021 include:

  • The Southwest Middlesex water reservoir average flow for the reporting period was 1,302 cubic metres/day, which is a 2.4% increase from 2020. The maximum daily flow for the reporting period was 2,216 cubic metres/day.
  • The Melbourne Standpipe average flow for the reporting period was 64 cubic metres/day, which is a 29% decrease from 2020. The maximum daily flow for the reporting period was 200 cubic meters/day.
  • The Glencoe Tower average daily flow for the reporting period was 245 cubic metres/day, which is a 40.8% decrease from 2020. The maximum daily flow for the reporting period was 1,130 cubic metres/day.

The full details of the report, including statistics, are found attached with the March 23, 2022 agenda package.

Purchase of a Fire Rescue Truck

At the January 26, 2022 meeting, Council approved the Fire Chief to bid on a rescue fire truck through GovDeals.com.  Southwest Middlesex was successful in obtaining the truck with an expenditure of $348,937.50 (USD) plus GST.  Council approved $475,000.00 (CDN) in the 2022 capital budget.

2022 Fire Rescue Truck

This vehicle will be used as a command unit and technology can be used in a defined space free of negative environmental conditions.

This vehicle is to replace a 2001 Freightliner currently at Glencoe Fire Hall and provides a higher standard of life safety items (air bags, roll-over protection) for the firefighters.  It will provide a safer area to work with lighting and the canopy, with an area to rehab and rest firefighters at longer duration emergency calls. This vehicle has additional space to grow for next 20 years.  The rescue vehicle will be used as a public education tool to showcase Southwest Middlesex Fire Department at outdoor events. The fire department can use this vehicle as a mobile command for fire, environmental or man-made events as a strategic gathering location for unified command.

Arrival of the unit is expected the last week in March - watch for this great new safety vehicle in the community.

Economic Development Committee Appointments

Seng Jackson and Mel Moniz are the successful new members of the Southwest Middlesex Economic Development Committee.  They will hold the position until the end of the term (November 15, 2022).  Both members are active members of the community. Seng Jackson is a business owner on Main Street, Glencoe. Mel Moniz is a Lions Club member and very active in Sundays at the Station.  We look forward to working with them moving forward.

Open Air Burning By-law Amendment

In 2021, Council passed an Open Air Burning By-law.  Amendments required to the by-law, as requested by the Ontario Attorney General, were adopted by council at  this meeting.  the changes are associated with the set fines associated with the by-law.  The Ministry will reviewed the by-law again prior to official approval - it is anticipated that the set fees will be in place soon.  

For full details see the full report to council found in the agenda package for March 23, 2022.

Fees & Charges By-law Amendment

Council recently approved a new fees and charges by-law but minor changes were necessary as part of recent municipal business. Part of the charges being amended relate specifically to the joint building fee review and study undertaken in conjunction with Adelaide Metcalfe and North Middlesex.  The local funeral home also recommended that the municipality consider increasing rates related to death registration and interments.

The first amendment is the same adjustment made by the partner Middlesex County municipalities and is associated with large farm buildings to provide for a step-down rate:

  • $500 + $.35/square foot >5,000 square feet for first 20,000 square feet + $0.18/square foot over 20,000 square feet
  • Building also requested confirmation that the CPI increase is approved, as recommended by the consultant

The recommended increases related to death registration and interment are as follows:

  • Death Registration from $15 to $20
  • Interment of Ashes from $300 plus staff time to $450
  • Interment of Casket from $400 plus staff time to $750

Four Counties Transit Agreement

Four Counties Transit was established in 2002. West Elgin has served as the administering municipality for the Four Counties Transit and is recommending a formal agreement be established. Currently, the participating municipalities include:

  • West Elgin
  • Southwest Middlesex
  • Newbury
  • Chatham-Kent

The Southwest Middlesex Council participates with two appointed representatives: Deputy Mayor Marigay Wilkins and Councillor Mark McGill.

Municipal shared service arrangements are quite common in Ontario, and more than 80% of municipalities are involved in some type of shared service. Efficiencies and economies of scale are the typical reasons that municipalities partner, or contract, with one another to provide a service to citizens.

The jointly managed transportation service provides accessible transit across municipalities.  The fees and charges for use of the system does not recover the cost of providing the service, which is why there is funding from each participating municipality to assist with providing accessible transportation for their respective residents.  Local service groups also appear to providing funding to help support the vision of affordable, accessible transportation.

The current Southwest Middlesex representatives will work with staff to prepare comments back to West Elgin concerning the proposed agreement. 

Employee Assistance Benefits

Southwest Middlesex renewed their agreement with Western Ontario Region Sarnia Hub Counselling Centre for Employee Assistance Benefits for a two year period.

Sidewalk Replacement Tender Results

Southwest Middlesex is replacing sidewalks in the following areas in 2022.  The replacements are based on a highest need throughout the municipality.


  • Appin Rd from Wright Ave to Stella Ave - 160 metres (m)
  • Appin Rd from Coad St to Wright Ave  - 82 m
  • Appin Rd from Randolph St to Coad St -  106 m
  • Appin Rd from Elizabeth St to Randolph St - 106 m
  • Appin Rd from King St to Elizabeth St - 100 m
  • Appin Rd from Victoria St to King St - 100m
  • Appin Rd from Main St to Victoria St - 100m
  • North St from Currie St to Main St - 152 m
  • Currie St from North St to Mill St - 100 m
  • Main St from North St to Appin Rd - 46 m
  • Victoria St from Appin Rd to Symes St - 172 m
  • King St from Appin Rd to Symes St - 170 m
  • Elizabeth St from Appin Rd to Symes St - 170 m
  • Mill St from Currie St to Main St  - 152m
  • Walker St from Mill St to Symes St - 102 m
  • Symes St from Walker St to Currie St - 150 m
  • Symes St from Main St to Victoria St - 102 m
  • Symes St from King St to Elizabeth - 104 m
  • Main St from Symes St to McKellar St - 100 m
  • Victoria St from Symes St to McKellar St - 64.5 m
  • King St from Symes St to McKellar St - 103 m
  • Elizabeth St from Symes St to McKellar St - 100 m
  • McKellar St from Currie St to Lovell St  - 150 m
  • McKellar St from Lovell St to Main St - 93 m
  • McKellar St from Main St to Victoria St - 105m
  • McKellar St from Victoria St to King St - 100m
  • McKellar St from Elizabeth St to Randolph St - 110 m
  • McKellar St from Randolph St to Coad St - 113 m
  • Currie St from McKellar St to McRae St - 100m 
  • Main St from McKellar St to McRae St - 100 m
  • Victoria St from McKellar St to McRae St 105
  • Elizabeth St from McKellar St to McRae St 100


  • Graham St from Victoria St to King St - 90 metres (m)
  • Victoria St from Graham St to South St - 190 m
  • Roe St from Main St to Victoria St - 103 m
  • Simpson St from Roe St to Water St - 120 m
  • Water St from Simpson St to Main St - 230 m
  • Wall St from Main St to Victoria St - 103 m
  • Deane St from Main St to Victoria St - 103 m
  • Victoria St from Ann St to Parkhouse Dr - 160 m
  • Parkhouse Dr from Victoria St to Reycraft Ave - 80 m


  • Cenotaph – Main St and McRae
  • Parkette – Main St between Symes St and McKellar St


  • Hagerty Rd from Talbot St towards Trillium Dr - 150 metres (m)
  • Hagerty Rd from Henrieta St to Talbot St  -82 m
  • Hagerty Rd from George St to Ward St - 85 m
  • Wellington St from Ward St to Church St - 109 m
  • Hagerty Rd from William St to Longwoods Rd - 23 m
  • Longwoods Rd from Hagerty Rd towards Archer St - 50 m
  • Longwoods Rd near Dornoch St - 13 m
  • Hannah St from Hagerty Rd towards Davis St - 56 m
  • Hagerty Rd from Hannah St to Amy St - 108 m
  • Hagerty Rd from Amy St towards Beattie Ln - 5 m

Arena Renovation Project, ICIP community, Culture & Recreation Stream, Rehabilitation & Renovation Intake Tender Results

Council awarded the tender to SDI for the construction work for the Arena Renovation Project for $5,722,800.00 (excl. HST) as recommended by Cornerstone Architectural along with approving the Low E Ceiling replacement in the arena in the amount of $46,000.00 (excl. HST) in the event that the existing ceiling cannot be re-installed and they approved the interior rink painting in the amount of $8,000.00 (excl. HST).  This very important update to our arena will be debentured over 25 years.

The Municipality of Southwest Middlesex was the successful recipient of $1,984,592.12 for this renovation project.  The 2022 Capital Budget included a cost, net of funding, of $2,557,845.43 to be debentured over 19 years at a cost of $134,623.44 per year.  Tender results came in approximately $1,673,524.26 over the budgeted
amount. If we were to extend the debenture to 25 years, this would require an additional $34,631.34 in tax dollars each year; this equates to $9.04 additional tax annually on an average residential property.  Had council elect to not move forward with the project, the contract costs for Cornerstone and any additional amounts incurred or committed would be not eligible for grant and would be the responsibility of the municipality to cover.  It was noted that it is unlikely that another large recreation fund will become available before the failure of the arena floor.

These changes to this facility will improve the overall operation of the building plus Operational efficiencies have been built in for moving forward
which will reduce the operating budget for the Arena.  New technology will assist with building rentals, building operation, and make it easy for residents to use the facility.

This project will update all major mechanical systems including HVAC, Dehumidification, Electrical, Plumbing, Ice Mechanical, floor and floor headers and piping. This will extend the useful life of all these systems to 25 years or more. What this means is that these major mechanical systems will not have to be upgraded for a minimum of 25 years.  One key aspect of the updates is that this project will make this facility 100% AODA compliant. This will assist all users use our facility in a safe and enjoyable way.  

We look forward to this very important project getting underway.

General Business of Council:

  • Council Meeting Minutes - March 9, 2022
  • SWM Economic Development Committee Minutes - December 9, 2021
  • SWM Vouchers
  • SWM February 2022 Building Report
  • Watch for new square style planters this Spring in downtown Glencoe
Outdoor Planters Image
Outdoor Planter Locations

Support of:

  • Shine the Light Day is May 6th.  In support of this event the train station will be alight with blue and green lights .  The lights will continue throughout the month of May as part of Community Living Month which is when we celebrate the many successes of creating inclusive communities for people with developmental disabilities.  

By-laws Adopted:

  • Kavelaar drainage works 
  • Open Air Burning
  • Fee & Charges By-law Amendment
  • Confirmatory By-law for March 23, 2022